Wednesday, January 19, 2011


buying a house is easily the most nerve wrecking thing in the world!! I'm sitting here just waiting for a phone call to find out if we were outbid. I hope not me and bf need a place so badly... and I really want this one it's so damn cute!!but I've been trying to keep occupied as to not drive myself to complete insanity. found out fedora doesn't like to play nicely with mp3 but it's mp3's fault really...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ugh. Just. So. Much.

Yeah I've been a lazy cunt. You better trust and believe that for ages I've been sitting on my happy ass on the internet NOT POSTING HERE. No reason as to why but let's get on with this...

New Years! Things got a little sketchy with bf and me but after all was said and done, we're still here and together. Always awesome. It's an incident we're pretending never occurred tbh. But whatev's, not like I'm going into detail here and a shit. Let's just break it down as I'm crazy possessive and he's a man. 'nough said, I think.

What else... well, been doing some fucking phlebotomy school. It's easy as hell and in a few more weeks I'll be certified to stab people with needles and steal their blood. I'm that awesome!! Considering going on to get my certification to be a lab technician just to use my phlebotomy skills more and bring in more cash. Sounds awesome, right? I'm already able to say I'm a medical professional. That has been pretty fun for me. Been having a killer time with medical terms (PHAGOCYTOSIS!!).

Other than that, not a lot going on here. I made the decision to rid myself of facebook. Haven't been there since and not really missing it. I've got this blog and twitter. Also texting. I've got so much texting. Speaking of which, I got the microsoft kin onem from my mom cause I needed a new phone. It's not horrible but it's difficult to figure out.

Currently bf is still in bed. I'm hanging out with my two puppies listening to Soma.Fm cause I'm a fag like that what can I say? Been eating up the hate over on GuruGossip and eFagz recently as well. On my mind right now is how bad I wanna fucking move out of this shitty state!! I wanna move closer to Faune cause she's pretty much my only chance at awesome friendship and adventures.

....shit I need to get my nails rebalanced soon. They look crappy as hell... (Only reminded this time cause of typing... lol)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Local artist who rocks

Just decided to do a quick post on Paul Richmond, a Columbus artist who did a series called Cheesecake Boys! All the awesome of traditional pin-up art, but with guys! Cool, right? Like most cheesecake shots, the situations are mostly hilarious and makes you wonder how anyone could even consider some of the situations ever being a thing.

My personal fave that's available on his etsy is one that pays homage to the king of celery based underwear misfortune Art Frahm.

Love it.

Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side 1st Love Plus!

Mouthful of a title this game has lol But it's my current addiction! This lovely place has recently finished creating an english language patch making life easier for everyone! Haha no more sitting with a dictionary while playing (I know, I know, I could study more...but I don't wanna.).

Anyway, this is a sweet otome game ('maiden' game) that really does get to the girly center of even the most tomboyish lady. The aim is by the end of senior year high school (3rd year in japanese standards) you are to try to win the heart of any of the lovely eligible bachelors (10 to pick from!!). Each guy is different in what it takes to win their love and a few others are just downright creepy (hello, Principal Ikkaku and Himuro-Sensei!). But such is the way of life, I guess? I mean, if all American teachers were as attractive as Himuro-Sensei I could see the issue. Though, I get him a lot at the end of the game. I can't help it, the cut scene of him for once taking off his tie on the school's summer camp trip is just too awesome for me to pass up lol!

It's getting colder out, so here are the men you can cuddle up with (all names are in japanese terms so last name then first name. It's how it goes.) Click pics to see them larger. Yes, Hazuki's pic is hawt. He's got more like that, but he is like the main boy in the game.

Hazuki Kei: The prince! Somehow, he is the 'perfect' guy. I personally find him depressing though he's cute. He sleeps way too much. Even through dates!! He's a model and somehow always gets top marks on tests even though he tends to sleep through most of them. How does it do it!? Work at the coffee shop, it's right next to the place where his photo shoots take place. Raise your charm enough, and you can model with him!

Morimura Sakuya: The sensitive ecologist. He studies hard and is part of the gardening club. I think he's adorable as hell and joined the garden club first year just to speed up meeting him! I can't help but love him, the way he's described in the game plus his voice is acted out by someone I adore (Ishida Akira of DNAngel, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and SAIYUKI!)

Suzuka Kazuma: The brash sporty one. He's cute when he blushes and trying to acquire skinship with him is awkward. Some describe it as "He seems like the kind of guy who gets inappropriate boners around pretty girls." I agree. Going on dates with him is fun purely because he loves a challenge. Bowling and Table tennis are his fave dates, so compete for his heart dammit!! He's in the basketball club, but I met him when walking home and was hit in the face with his damn basketball. He's all sweetness inside though.

Kijyo Madoka: The biker hottie from Kansai! He's the one I'm working on getting right now. He's a gas station attendant with the super hot Kansai accent (think charming southern boy, for american standards). Nothing like being some cutie's darlin'. *squee* Anywho, he's huge into fashion and when you're close enough he'll join you while you read some fashion magazines! Cute! He appreciates when you wear the lasest trends ("I really wanted to see that on you!"). I could wax poetic for days. Win him by taking him to his fave bands, the summer fireworks (worth it for the gold and black kimono!). Take him to the park in the spring and watch how cute he is with the neighborhood kids who call him older brother!! *more squee* He also shares his bento with you, where you learn he is a wonderful cook. Oh yeah. Fatherly, fun and can cook. Yummers.

Mahara Shiki: The artistic prodigy who I think is unaware he's actually gay. I dislike trying to date him. He's so self-centered ("A date? Well, how lucky for you that I will go!") When you're still working to level up his love, he is like an hour late all the time. Ugh. The rival you get for him is annoying too. The kind of rich girl that spouts random French. Not worth it. If you want him, join the Art club. He'll wear a victorian dress at the Culture Festival. A cut scene sort of worth seeing cause, annoying as he is... he IS undeniably pretty ("He has long locks of golden hair" as boyfriend said of a really weird voice O.o; ).

Hibiya Wataru: The precious underclassman for those of us who want some shota lovin'. He wants so badly to be Hazuki it's a little creepy. ^^;; But he's charming when he is just himself. He works hard at everything he does! You get a cut scene of him struggling at pulling some sort of weight thing and his determination is astounding. He wants to be a baseball player. Dating him has been easy, just a couple days and he's already ranking me super high!! He knows nothing about women and the first date with him he asked me why I was late and it had to be explained that sometimes girls take a long time to get ready lol. The second date, he said something like 'its okay, you were probably deciding what to wear! I had the same problem!". Adorable. He later shows off his photos, he wants to be a model like HazukiKun!

Himuro Reiichi: The sexy strict teacher. Forbidden love has never been prettier. I get him a lot as a boyfriend lol I don't mean to, but I do really like him! I love me an older man, especially one who can teach me something! Dating him came easily for me, just go to all the extracurricular classes, dress right (He likes pure and sporty looking girls. Yeah he does. XD), and keep your study levels high. Join the brass band and never miss club! You will get rewarded by seeing him play a beautiful piece on a piano while walking the hallways at school, as well as summer camp. Dear god summer camp. lol This man wears a suit all the time and skinship is rough. Tap his tie and he'll say something about not running into him. After extracurricular classes, touch his arm and he'll saying something like "it seems like you really learned something today". Hell yeah I did.

Ikkaku Amanohashi: The creepy principal. *shudder* This. Man. He's nothing but creepy. He refers to you as a Lady, which I guess is nice. He offered you a ride home and you took it no matter what common sense told you. I don't want him. o.o I NEVER want him. He gives you roses a lot.

Hanatsubaki Goro: The oh so weird fashion designer. He owns a few stores and the website where you keep up on the latest trends and colors. You need the eye bleach every time you see this man. Work at one of his stores, become master of the sewing club and read every one of his fashion updates. There's 33 in all. You can let your stats go as they will and still get him.

Aoki Chiharu: The email pal/stalker/if you're in the best high school WHY CAN'T YOU SPEAK JAPANESE RIGHT!?!!? You get his emails on accident. After that, running into him and talking with him is chance. Go shopping alone enough, you'll bump into him. Later he asks you where the record shop correct him with CD. He then seems to stalk you some. Yep. I haven't gotten him yet.

Some of these boys come with girls that you can be friends with, but pick their man and you get a rival! Now, I originally didn't like Kijyou, but somehow not letting Fuji Natsumi have him became a goal since she was the first girl I met in the game. I'm a bitch, I know, but I later found out how awesome he is so he's the one I kept working on. I left poor Kei and my job at the cafe to work at the gas station with Kijyoukun. Yep. The thing is, the more you play the game the more into it you get. I've yelled a few times "WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME!?!?" boyfriend says it's because I'm whiny lol. But he's with me so what does that say about him...? XD No, but I'm amazed that otome games haven't destroyed my relationship (Coming soon, me squeeing over Duel Love! Watch boys fight then rub off their sweat!)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I can't find the charger for my digicam. Also, when me and boyfriend went to return a bluetooth headset he bought, we got hit by a car backing out of a space in the parking garage. No one hurt, no major damage but still. Blah!

But we got him a new headset and Eternal Sonata for me! It's such a cute game with a super creative back story. I adore it! I sometimes wish I could dress like the characters in it. lol  Good times. On the list of other things I'd like is to find a place that will hire me so I can dye my hair cotton candy pink. Or maybe palty's milk tea brown and pink? I don't know yet. I did decide that I'll invest in a good lace front wig and then I can dye my hair any way I'd like! Awesome, right?

Right now, we're back at waffle house. This time waiting for a friend of his. This is because his friend needs to borrow an external CD drive or some shit. I'm not too sure, I'm just here to look cute. lol Luckily, I have my trusty netbook (who still needs a good Sweets Deco'ing).

Currently, I'm chatting with my lovely Annily who I adore so much even if she keeps dying her hair shades of red (jk). But she's my dress up dolly so I have to love her! We both share a disdain for Michelle Phan so I've been sharing all the anti-phan sites I come across. There are so many! I knew other people were on to her shit.

I may have to settle with my crappy cell phone cam >.< Cause I'm using this purple crayon shadow Annily gave me and I wanna show her it. Maybe post it here... but I need my camera cord!! I think it might at a friend's place so I'll hold off and give that a chance since thats the only other place it's been out at.

We have snow!

Yay snow!

Boring snow! AND! How I make tinted moisturizer!

Not  a lot going on, but thats normal when it starts snowing. Usually I get all homebody and shit once winter hits. I just hate getting dressed for the snow lol.It's a rather light dusting right now... I want more snow dammit! I plan on calling up a couple friends, getting drunk, and then SNOW FORTS EVERYWHERE. Also, snowball fights. Damn I can't wait for that! I plan on building a family of snow rabbits in my family's yard also. I'd love to see how the yorkie, Millie, will react to that. Also, my lab, Kira, could pull Millie on a sled. Too cute of an idea.

Boyfriend is still sleeping, but I don't feel like fighting to wake him up. It's always so hard and he's super grumpy! >.<

Oh, and some weird shit is going on with my face. Woke up with my face a little puffy. I hate that about winter. We turned on the heating in the house so the air is super fucking dry as a result, my skin suffers. Ugh. I must slather on the moisturizer like woah. Instead of normal makeup, I think I'm going to make some tinted moisturizer and see how that goes. I refuse to give up my cosmetics!! >.< Even on days when it seems I have no makeup on, I try to wear at least some coverup because no matter how I wash or how I care for it, my skin is gross. Bad genes, I guess? But I'll fight diligently...until I can afford treatments at least lol. I'm so going to be one of those women that once middle age starts setting in, I'll work done like all the time. At least boyfriend supports me in that. That's why I love him! Anything that'll make me happy he'll gladly do. ^^

Anyway... better go lotion the fuck up. Will post a snowy pic in a moment.

Before I forget!

Making tinted moisturizer for the lazy

You will need:

  • Mineral powder foundation in the color of your choice
  • bottle of moisturizer that is friendly to your skin and has an spf of at least 15 (even in winter the sun can damage skin!! and sun damage = wrinkles! Gross!)

Add decent amount of powder to lotion and shake the hell out of it to mix. Check small amount on the back of you hand for color. If not as tinted as you like, add a bit more, shake, and test again. Keep this up until it's the way you like. Use as you like and enjoy light skin coverage without serious drying out. I use a translucent powder to set it and matte it a bit since lotions with an spf tend to be a little shiny.